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Sunrit Jana

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Hey there ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Sunrit Jana!

An enthusiastic Machine learning dev, A Full stack developer and Cyber Security practitioner from India!

Obsessed with Maths, Tech, and Science. Currently I'm Learning Python, Machine learning, Web development, C++ and Cyber Security! I'm interested in learning Full Stack web development, Rust language, and more. I love not only to code, but also building, learning and exploring new things, crossing things off my bucket list, and several hobbies, and goals that I want to fulfil.

I am more passionate about building real-life projects, and I create such projects to help with real-life problems, become efficient, and boost the development speed. I also do code for fun, making interesting problems, that can be useful in certain domains, and also create boilerplates for speeding up process.

You can reach me at Twitter, Github and LinkedIN!

Feel free to drop me an email too at

Some quick facts about me!

  • He / Him
  • I love to Code, Play my Guitar, Play with Science and Maths, Or Explore something new!
  • I like to Teach and Help people, Review code, And Keep learning.
  • I always love to build Cool, Innovative and Awesome stuff.
  • You can find me always at Discord, Twitter, Linkedin and Github!
  • I know C++, Python, Java, JS, SQL and Rust :D
  • I'm an anime addict who prefers tea over coffee!
  • I belong to the Gryffindor house ;)
  • I prefer Dark mode and Cannot live without Coffee and Music!

My simple principle

I follow a simple yet drastic rule, that I made up, but It has helped me improve just sooo much!


  • Learning
  • Writing - Being better at what I write and more
  • Do - Make, Make, Make and Be the best!
  • Work - Keep working A** off, and Make your skills better
  • And finally, GROW - Never look back, Improve yourself from what you had yesterday.

This has helped me just so much! If you try, You can be the best of you!

Catch me in your terminal and know me more by hitting the command โคต๏ธ

npx sunrit